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The Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of McLean County Families. We provide ongoing outreach programs, educational opportunities & support systems including the following:

    We are very passionate regarding the

    quality services we provide

    FCRC is a referring agency for our community. We also provide resources for housing, food, employment, education, clothing, furniture, rent and utility assistance. These services offer support for at risk families through early intervention, with the intention of moving them toward self-sufficiency, and prevent crises when possible.







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    Tonya Villarreal

    Very nice place. And they will help you with referrals to other agencies.

    tegan swank​

    Great people and resources

    Shay D

    Helpful staff.

    Maggie Parker​

    Really took the time, and helped with my need, Linda Foster.

    Need assistance? Inquire here:

    (309) 821-1616