How We Can Help

How We Can Help

The Family Community Resource Center strives to preserve the structural and operational integrity of families. As a link between support networks and troubled families, FCRC offers a number of services and educational opportunities to help promote and maintain a safe home environment for children.

FCRC works directly with families in the community and established support networks. Below is an overview of some of our services—please contact us if you have additional questions. All programs and services are free of charge.

Support Networks

By working closely with our support networks to ensure protective measures for daily family life, FCRC provides:

  • Domestic violence education
  • Communication assistance between families and agencies
  • A better understanding of services/programs provided by agencies


FCRC is committed to helping families develop and maintain the type of stable environment necessary to produce self-sufficient, productive citizens. Our programs include:

  • Teen parenting guidance
  • Financial & budget workshops
  • Conferences & events promoting social awareness

For additional information about specific programs, please visit our Programs & Services page.

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