An Historical View of
The Family Community Resource Center

In the early spring of 2004, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (IDCFS) conducted a Bloomington, Illinois survey.

The survey’s objective was to gather information as to the community’s perception of the Department and its function in the McLean County area. The survey results revealed a need for a “faith-based initiative” program that would help bridge the gap of communication between troubled families and DCFS. July 16, 2004, a press conference was held on the Law and Justice Center’s grounds in Bloomington, Illinois, introducing the “new agency.”

Former director of IDCFS, Bryan Samuels, said, “We want to enhance and enrich the range of services that are available.” In August 2004, the Family Community Resource Center opened for business and had continued its tradition of serving families within McLean County, and throughout Central Illinois.

There were six individuals involved in creating what I believe to be one of the most professional, insightful, knowledgeable, and compassionate social agencies in the world today. Lest I am remiss, aside from myself, are individuals who devoted many hours of total commitment to the birth and development of what is now Family Community Resource Center. These individuals’ names are listed below and should never be forgotten for the unselfish and overwhelming contribution to the birth of the Family Community Resource Center.

Eric Tapley
Linda Foster
LuAnn Ploense
Gabriel Rogers
Belinda Kennedy

Our Mission:
The Family Community Resource Center endeavors to educate the community concerning matters that are pre-eminent to the preservation of families. We work to foster cultural sensitivity among family crisis intervention personnel and develop policies that effectively maintain the structural and operational integrity of families.

Walking by faith,

Rev. Frank L. McSwain, Sr., CEO