About FCRC

The Goal of all advocacy centers is to:


Prevent families from coming into care.


Help families in care reunite as soon as possible.

The home should be a safe haven where guidance, support, and love are plentiful. Most children are fortunate to experience safe, comfortable home environments, but occasionally situations arise where the child’s well-being is at risk.

That’s when the Family Community Resource Center comes in. As an advocate for quality life for all individuals, we work with at-risk families to provide education about existing laws, court procedures, and case resolution procedures. For families experiencing separation, we believe that children should be placed in safe, turbulent-free environments during this difficult period. Additionally, we work to facilitate a smooth transition when children are returned to their homes.

McLean County families count on us.

In order to best serve families in need, FCRC partners with other experienced service providers. Our support network includes organizations such as The Baby Fold, Catholic Charities, The Children’s Foundation, and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Welfare Services (IDCFS).

In addition to acting as a liaison between our own Family Support Specialists and families in need of assistance, FCRC collaborates with local agencies and organizations to provide cultural sensitivity training. We believe that by building quality relationships between our clients and participating support networks, an ideal home life can indeed prevail—ultimately encouraging a safe, strong, and productive community.

For more information about our support network, please visit our Resources page.

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